Hsinchu Fashion Show

These shots were taken during a fashion show I actually “happened across” in Hsinchu last Sunday.  It was a somewhat big production, as it was professionally lit and the designers of these dresses were on-hand to show off their work.  I took it as a chance to practice portraits more than anything, as the stage was lit well and there was no stupid fog machine – only a bubble machine.  I was a little leery of a laser shooting off and hoping that it wouldn’t hit my camera’s CMOS sensor, but I guess I stayed pretty safe.

All of the above were taken with the 70-300mm, probably at close to 5.6 aperture, because that’s what I’m stuck with at the 300 range.  Thankfully, the stage lights worked very well to keep things sharp.  I also tried to balance colors in postprocessing, because the different colored strobes made it more difficult to shoot.  Some of these were shot with the SB-600, but I quickly found that it wasn’t as necessary.  I maybe only used it half the time.

This next set was shot with the 35mm prime at f/1.8~2.8.  I do wish I had more control over my background, though I love this lens’ low light capabilities.


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2 responses to “Hsinchu Fashion Show

  1. Great portrait shots! The background does not seem to detract from the photos. I think it makes the candidness of the shot stick out more.

    I have thought about portraits, but I want to get better with my camera skills before I venture too far into the unknown.

    • Thanks!

      Portraits can be a lot of work – especially not that I’m learning more about lighting when it comes to external flash units and how to use that light in such a way that it doesn’t turn into an expensive version of the on-camera flash.

      At the same time, I really like practicing my skills at these events since they give me a chance to shoot away with the camera and learn its limits – I think that’s a pretty important thing for anyone to grasp.

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