Practicing with Panoramas

Hiking in Miaoli a few weeks ago was a great experience.  As I mentioned before (click here for the post), it was full of beautiful mountain temples and clean air.  A very idyllic place.

This panorama was taken with around 18 or so shots and processed with my newly acquired Photoshop CS5.  Click on it for a Flickr link and to see it in its full-sized version, though I’ll warn you that it’s actually TOO big for my taste.  I’ll keep this in mind next time and maybe practice by taking these shots in portrait mode next time… in order to get more sky.

I shot this at f/9 with a shutter speed of 1/320 at 18mm.  In order to keep it consistent, I locked the exposure for every shot.  This is a key thing to do when trying to create panoramas.


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5 responses to “Practicing with Panoramas

  1. Love the vastness though. When I get around to attempting panoramas, I will remember this post.


  2. That’s well done… and fun I’m betting. How long was the post process?

    • Thanks – it took a few minutes to process. My biggest mistake was actually saving a bunch of full-sized TIFF files. I ended up accidentally creating a monster of a 300+MB file the first time… big mistake. This was a silly thing to do, so it was later fixed and easy to go over again when I reimported it into Aperture.

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