Giant Buddha, Hsinchu

These were taken last weekend while visiting a monastery near the Lion’s Head Mountain site.  This temple is under construction and a massive Buddha statue has been erected.  This is not the first time I’ve seen a “Giant Buddha” (see this Hong Kong version) but this one was quite impressive.  We managed to be treated to a nice sunset, too – perfect for some HDR shots.

Now that I’ve been weaning myself off of HDR all the time, though, I’m not sure if I like these!  The second one had a crane taken out in Photoshop CS5 – mostly just because I can and wanted to practice my skills doing it.  See if you can see any lighting inconsistencies – I’m sure they exist!


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7 responses to “Giant Buddha, Hsinchu

  1. I like the second one. The reflection is amazing.

  2. Beautifully done… that sky is special.

  3. Thanks, all! I’m honestly moving away from HDRs like these lately, but it’s good to see that they still pique interest.

  4. Nice shots. Especially the second photo. Beautiful sky and reflection. Your photos make me want to go home for a visit. :)

  5. These photos are the beauty of artistic conception! If one day I become a goddess(this is possible in Taiwanese culture :p), I want to live at that place in the second photo.

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