Have a (Late) Merry Christmas!

I’ve always been the one in the family that sends the Christmas card a week late.  I’m not sure if it’s procrastination – I think it’s more of the idea of “eh, Christmas seems like it’s too far away…” which I guess could be interpreted as procrastination… anyway, that’s the case this year as I think I sent cards back to the US on the 22nd or 23rd.  Not good.

This photo was taken with the theme of a photo club in mind.  I actually had plenty of time for this, but never got around to it, partly because Christmas is more minor in Taiwan.  This was taken at a church in Hsinchu on the day AFTER Christmas, and I thought the HDR complimented the theme well.  I think it’s a bit over-processed – as I’ve said before, I’m moving away from HDR in general, but pull it out from time to time.

I took it with the multiple focus points enabled (rare for me anymore) at f/3.5 to accentuate the difference between the foreground and the church in the back.  I also increased the saturation (too much?) of the reds to make them stand out and tried to hilight the garland and flowers more than they are showing up.

Even if it’s late, I hope everyone’s holidays are good.  I’m looking forward to my time off in a month – for Chinese New Year.


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3 responses to “Have a (Late) Merry Christmas!

  1. nah, don’t think it’s procrastination, it does always seems like it’s not there yet, and then suddenly xmas is in the face, lol

  2. Eh, Procrastination is a skill perfcted only by time…

    I envy you along with my Brother who teaches in China. He not only gets American holidays off, he gets holidays celebrated in China off as well. Have a great New Year (times 2)!

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