Another Egret in Hsinchu

I’m amazed by the amount of egrets, herons, and sparrows in Taiwan.  While it’s easy to see other species, these three live near cities most often.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the birding skill (or patience) to do work like John&Fish, a Taiwanese couple whose photographs were in a National Geographic blog not too long ago.

While I’m mentioning another blog, I’d like to thank Nino Rend at My Kafkaesque Life for his mention of my blog both in a post on his site and during his interview for a well-deserved blogging award he received at Taiwanderful.  He’s a ridiculously nice guy – go check out his blog.

These shots were taken in Hsinchu – I managed to get a few closer shots of this egret before it left.  I liked the algae in the background as it provided some much-needed contrast.  I also lowered the highlights to give the blown-own feathers some texture.  I’m still perfecting my skill in getting these birds, so if you have suggestions, let me know.


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4 responses to “Another Egret in Hsinchu

  1. How did I miss this one? Haha.. maybe, because it was end of year :) Thank you for mentioning and praising me. That “Rend” is not my real family name, I had to change it, because of some stalkers, so you can use just Nino.

    • I must have forgotten to ping your blog on this – whups… anyway, of course you’re welcome, and I’ll keep that in mind! “Nino” and Nino only it is from now on!

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