B&W Friday

Gloomy day outside. I figured these black and white shots would fit in well – it’s always a good choice for post-processing with this crummy Taiwan winter weather.


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6 responses to “B&W Friday

  1. You’re amazing, look at these wonderful shots. Love the contrast of your Black and White.

    • Thanks, Sarah! It’s kind of funny – I was first attracted to super (over) saturated HDRs when I first got into photography. Now I really am loving B&W… kind of an odd new direction, but it works so much better with all the activity in Taiwan.

  2. That last one is my favorite. It is so busy, but the black and white makes it look like it just froze for the shot.

    • Thanks – the funny thing is that I wasn’t crazy about the photo until I cropped it and converted it to B&W. I like how it balances out, though – the girl on the phone was a high school student, I’m guessing… probably oblivious and/or irritated with the white guy with the camera :)

  3. Frederick Reddy, II

    Love the shot of the guy at work. It’s perfect. Dense, emotional and voyeuristic. Fantastic!

    • I think you’re talking about the second one? Thanks – I wish I had the person more centered in on that, but the prime lens mixed with not wanting to walk in on this place (still not sure what it was) kept me from doing that.

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