I’ve always liked seeing contrasts in photography, and given my background in history, I’ve always liked to see the mix of old and new.  Taiwan is full of this, and I saw this in a glimpse as a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver moved along through a crowded traditional Jhubei market last weekend.

In the US, it’s not uncommon for schoolkids to not know where their chicken/beef/whatever it is might come from.  In these markets (and on the farms in Taiwan), it’s quite obvious.  Instead of having an industrial farm grow your food and purchasing it from a middleman, you can go to these weekly markets where just about anything grown in Taiwan is directly sold to you.  Mix that with a pizza delivery chain that everyone knows and I think you have an interesting study in globalization here.

A lot of people groan when I mention McDonald’s, Domino’s or the like.  I have to say I have a soft spot for both, even though I came to Taiwan wanting to explore the cuisine.  And I have explored the cuisine.  However, there comes a point where any resemblance of home – even processed food with a very predictable flavor – is very appetizing.  Says a lot for someone who used to/makes fun of people who visit NYC Times Square from across the US to go to TGI Fridays.

With Chinese New Year coming (and family visiting), this blog will be taking a break after tomorrow.  I’ll be returning with plenty of material, or at least I hope to do so…


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4 responses to “Contrasts

  1. Nice shot. I can hear them calling out, “Who ordered the squid pizza with extra corn?”

    • Thanks – gotta love the pizza with corn here. And pineapple.

      I actually had to chase this guy down after he drove by. Lucky for me, these markets double as traffic jams.

  2. Ula

    I recommend the feature where you can schedule your blog posts for later (any date and time you want). This is what I usually do when I’m too busy to post regularly. Also useful when you’re planning to go away, etc.

    • Thanks for the idea – maybe I’ll use it this summer when I go on vacation. For now, I think I’m going to go without posting, but have a strange feeling I MIGHT get some posts up regardless… we’ll see what happens!

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