An Attempt at Video

It’s amazing how busy vacations can be. For that reason I can’t say much but will post this video I just completed showing the lantern festival in Pingxi. Stuck without a tripod, this low light photography was tough to say the least. I opted to try video and got some decent footage of the second lift off. See the video for a description of the tradition.


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5 responses to “An Attempt at Video

  1. Amazing video! It would have been lovely though if the text was smaller.
    Lovely quality and your hands are pretty steady!

  2. Sasa


    This is Sasa from Taiwan News.
    I really like your blog. :)

    There is a unit in (Blog)

    May I extract your article on
    Just like that ->

    I think that can also promote your blog…
    And browsers will link to your blog directly.

    We want to post “An Attempt at Video” on BLOG of
    I think that can help foreigners to know Taiwanese festivals better~

    How do you think about that??

    I am looking forward to your earlier positive reply.

    Thanks a lot,

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