Instagramming in Taiwan

Not too long ago, I downloaded an iPhone app called Instagram to play around with my iPhone while on a trip to Tainan.  I had heard of the app before through some other photographers and by way of Twitter, so I decided that it was time to at least give it a try.  I was skeptical at first.  I mean, I had already paid a ridiculous amount of money for a camera kit and here I was using a 2 MP toy?

On top of that, it applied “artistic” filters which I never embraced until really getting into street photography.

Now, I’ve sort of changed my mind.  Besides, it’s fun.

The filters it applies, which happen the instant after you take the picture, replicate old film cameras in terms of highlights, contrast, and coloring.  It doesn’t allow you to use the camera’s digital zoom, and you are “stuck” in a square-format.

Because I’m less serious/picky about what I shoot with it, the app has been a great tool for me.  Even war photographers have used it, one winning a photography award with a similar app, Hipstamatic.  His response to the predicted criticism for using an iPhone app was great. It’s interesting to say that this app has had an influence on my philosophy regarding postprocessing and photography, which will always be changing.  I think Instagram just reminds me to have fun.

Here are ten photos I’ve taken with it that were my favorite.  If you have Instagram, let me know.  If not, you can see my use of it semi-regularly on my Twitter feed.

EDITED for image size.  This wordpress theme is great, but restricts my main column too much.


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4 responses to “Instagramming in Taiwan

  1. I love instagram and hipsamatic and use them often since I don’t always carry around my dslr; it makes the normal iphone photos look much better! Your photos look great!

  2. Some great shots up there …and yeah, I started out with the Oulipo theme but after a week got sort of frustrated with the width limit. Switched to Modularity lite. Pluses and minuses to both. I do love this theme, but just not a good photoblog one. On the other hand, with the mod lite, I have to keep all the widgets in the footer or else it limits the width just as bad. …alot of work reformatting posts when you switch though. Almost worth it to start a whole new blog and link the crap out of the old and new to each other…

    Great site, John

  3. I’ve been looking at this app but haven’t bit yet… I’m sufficiently motivated to give it a try now! I’d really like to start taking advantage of the iPhone more but I’ve not invested any energy to really be creative.

    Nice set J…

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