The Kaohsiung Waterfront

These were taken while on a trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city in the south.  It’s major port city, and one of the best places to visit is a waterfront district with fish markets, beaches, and LOTS of food.

I previously showed this area before – you might remember the kites at the beach.

(Snails, anyone? They’re not bad – but take a lot of work for the tiny amount of substance you get…)



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4 responses to “The Kaohsiung Waterfront

  1. hi Josh! just one question: why did you choose to shoot those seafoods in black and white? :)
    (i love any excuse to shoot in B&W and i wanna know what’s yours! lol)

    • I usually use it when 1.) color will not help the image any more (or distract the viewer anyway) or 2.) there are noticeable colors/lines. I liked the contrast it brought out in the first photo. In the one with the fish, most of the colors were bland anyway – I think sometimes color is overrated in photos.

  2. I took a picture similar to the one you have of Kaohsiung’s skyline when I visited. A friend of mine said the Kaohsiung 85 building is actually a secret rocketship, and when I captioned “City of Kaohsiung in the fog”, another friend corrected “fog” to “smog”. Just thought I’d like to share :P

    • I guess it kind of IS rocketshipish! The fog/smog thing is interesting – it was luckily beautiful and clear when we visited. We stayed in the building itself – I was amazed at how cheap hotel rooms are in the Kaohsiung 85 building.

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