365 Project, Week 1

I’ve started a 365 project – something that I was a little afraid to begin because of time constraints.  In all honesty, it hasn’t taken too much time out of my day, and I find myself with about three candidates for this each evening.  Unfortunately, that’s when it tends to happen – after school.  This limits my lighting – but I think it’s possible to work with and hopefully improve my evening/nighttime shooting.

Starting with 2/22, here are this week’s images (minus Friday):

(Day 1, 2/22, Double the Work?)

(Day 2, 2/23, Shadows)

(Day 3, 2/24, Sevens)


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7 responses to “365 Project, Week 1

  1. Looks like you’re off to a good start.

  2. Frederick Reddy, II

    Cool. I’ve started my own 365 project, with a little encouragement from my GF. You can see it here:

    I have to admit, that it’s difficult to find motivation sometimes. But I have noticed small improvements in the way that I observe things around me. And there’s value in carrying your camera everywhere, everyday, which is something that I was not always doing before.

    Good luck with yours, Josh!

    • Thanks – and thanks for the insight on this.

      I actually haven’t been carrying my camera everywhere during the weekdays, but might have to get a smaller camera bag and make it a regular part of my routine. Only going out at night after work is a pain.

      • Frederick Reddy, II

        Indeed. I find that I’m waking up earlier to get my photography done before the evening. I teach well into the night and I’m much too tired and eager to go home after work. And you’re right, having a good bag is key.

        Good luck with yours. Add oil!!!

  3. Hey, you finally started!!! :D go go go Joshua! :D i’m gonna cheer you up so you won’t think of going a day without shooting something;)

    i was also scared to get started on my daily shooting exercises, but then i thought, i’m not gonna be able to do it ’til i try… so far it’ss easy, but i know the hard part’s gonna come soon…

    anyway, your first shot (man on bike) is something i find difficult to do… this is panning, right? how do you keep your focus steady to that guy??

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