Hsinchu City: Freestyle Dance-off

With a long weekend, I’ve been able to take some time exploring Wulai (more photos from that coming) and Taipei.  Since I don’t want to be too busy with my time off, I decided to play it easy yesterday, spending my afternoon in Hsinchu City where I came across yet another hip-hop dance competition.

This time around, the competition in question was a freestyle dance-off, where two competing groups of three would go up against each other.  The crowd in this tiny space was HUGE.  They were energetic as well, swelling up when a move was performed and going nutso when someone did something amazing like a backflip.

I started out with the 70-300, but eventually pulled out the 18-55 to get the context and energy of the crowd.

Hsinchu Dance-Off, 30 (365 Day 6: 2011-02-27)

Beginning is my favorite photo of the day and my “365” photo for 2-27.  Stretching out to 18mm worked well here, though I didn’t realize until after I had taken the shot that there was a small amount of fog on my lens!  Apparently the humidity in the camera bag was different.  I took this thinking I would throw it out, but liked how it worked when I wad one in postprocessing.

I spent most of the day using fill-flash at a super-low ISO to get things done.  This worked pretty well, and I liked the tones it brought out when different white balances were applied.  Flash in general is something that I’m always striving to learn more about, so it was nice to get great results from the SB-600.

Hsinchu Dance-Off, 12


Hsinchu Dance-Off, 19

Hsinchu Dance-Off, 4

Looking over a shoulder – no extra light on this one for obvious reasons.

Hsinchu Dance-Off, 35

This was hard to get sitting so close since the two sides had their backs to the crowd the whole time.  I liked how the composition worked out.

Hsinchu Dance-Off, 39

See some of my previous work with these competitions here, here and here.


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6 responses to “Hsinchu City: Freestyle Dance-off

  1. Tes

    These pictures are stunning! Cool!

  2. i like your people shots, specially the third and second to the last pic (was that the coach? And baseball guy) because they have drama, like they’re from a movie scene. :))

    good job Joshua! :D

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