Around Hsinchu, 2-27

These were taken while wandering around Hsinchu on 2-27.  I’ll start off with some paper flowers that were intricate in their detail and presentation – there were actually many more, but I liked how the macro-type effect worked here.  The swastikas are ancient good luck symbols in Asia and have a much different connotation here.  It’s interesting how symbols work – in the West, these would obviously at least be questioned by many because of how this symbol of fortune was in some ways destroyed or ruined.  On the other hand in Taiwan, I’ve actually seen a man (unknowingly?) wear a World War II/Nazi-era flag sticker on his motorcycle helmet.


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2 responses to “Around Hsinchu, 2-27

  1. question: how do you get to be a “ninja” when taking these pictures? i’m just curious… aren’t people asking why you’re photographing them? it’s one aspect of street photography i couldn’t get my head around on… i don’t wanna be confronted… :(

    • You have to understand two basic things: 1.) laws and 2.) how not to be a jerk.

      The first part here is the same – or maybe more relaxed – than the US in that you can take a photo in any public place. In the second area, I usually make sure I’m not taking a photo of something too serious/controversial/private, that it’s in public, and that if the person gives me a weird look, I drop the camera. I’ve also practiced “shooting from the hip” as I prefer street photos where the people are not posing. In addition, you could always just ask for their photo. I’d say this works most of the time :)

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