Visiting Confucius Temple, Taipei

Last weekend, I took the chance to venture to a part of Taipei I hadn’t yet seen to visit Confucius Temple, located in a northwestern district of the city. It is located near Bao-an, a large Taoist temple, so I was able to see both sites in one visit quite easily.

I was struck by how minimal this temple was compared to a complex designed for the gods.  There were incense pots, but not much incense in the air.  There was artwork, but nothing like the extravagant displays in other temples. Where other temples can be chaotic, this was quite relaxing.

Starting off is an HDR. I took this hoping to increase the dynamic range, so I tried not to overdo saturation here. I think it worked well – because of the very bright sunlight, it was impossible to make out the shadows of the surrounding buildings in the original.

With such an empty place, I took the chance to look around at the different designs and architecture. This was a good chance to practice composition of different shapes and forms.


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6 responses to “Visiting Confucius Temple, Taipei

  1. CMiTW

    Used to eat my lunches there back in the day when I was a cram school teacher. A nice quiet area of the bustling Da Tong district. Nice photos! :)

  2. Wow the second picture is like an optical illusion. As I scroll down it plays tricks on my eyes…almost as if it becomes 3D. Pretty neat!

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  4. I’m planning to visit these temples for a while now. But the weather is so bad for photos here, almost every day is grey, even drizzling sometimes. Last weekend was great weather, yeah. But I chose to go to Sanxia :)

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