365 Project Progress

Well, I’ve already missed my first day.  I completely FORGOT about this whole thing yesterday after work and instead of getting out my camera, took out my laptop where I played Civilization IV to kill some time and relax after work.  The moral of the story? Civ IV kills photo sessions.

I won’t include photos that have already been posted here, namely the woman in Wulai and a wide-angle view of dancing students.

The first one, though, is a recent favorite. It was taken at Bao-an Temple, near Confucius Temple in Taipei. I used a “film” style filter in Aperture 3 and tweaked things so the door would stand out.  I liked the symmetry and even though it’s not perfectly in focus, I like how it turned out.  I took this on 02-28, when visiting Taipei.

The second two come from some experimentation. When I first started my adventures in photography, I used an apartment Buddha – a gift from a relative – as a muse for playing with depth of field, lighting, and composition.  He ended up in a post at one point, even, and I ended up taking him from Houston to Taiwan.

This time, I was able to practice with my SB-600.

This first image is with the 35mm set to f/1.8 to give a shallower depth of field.  I liked how the curtains blurred out and the effect this gave.  This was the work done on 03-01, though I did take some other photos that day outside.

My second image comes from a tiny makeshift “studio” I was experimenting with to learn more about light on Wednesday, 03-02.  I took a single A4 piece of paper and set it up on a wall to give him the “floating” look.

Some more images from that shoot follow.  I liked the more dramatic light created without a diffuser of any sort, but was also playing around with my diffuser to see how much it affects the image.  Turns out it does quite a bit.

Oh, and no excuses this weekend! I hope to get something created Friday (today) and DEFINITELY will have material tomorrow and Sunday.


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6 responses to “365 Project Progress

  1. Would an in game screen shot of Civ IV count as a daily photo?

  2. that 4th photo looks a really happy Buddha!^_^

    it’s ok to miss some days… i’ve missed a whole week since Saturday because i lost my SD and now my camera’s on a loan. so i’m just recycling some photos. but i’ll get back on track, and so will you^_^

    P.S., my total photo session killer used to be Counter Strike ;)

    • I’m on track again now – just went out to take a few photos and chose a photo of the day. It was actually more of a chore than I’d like going out in the first place, but I do have to say this is helping me get better already by making me want to get something interesting taken as fast as possible so I can go inside :)

  3. Rev. Blue Sky/Noel Tendick

    I really enjoyed the Buddha study, great tinkering and effects. The 365 commitment is impressive – I did a one month project while I was in New York and got a ton out of it, even/especially on my bored/chore/bad weather days.

    • Thanks!

      The 365 has unfortunately, been kind of spotty. It HAS improved my work already, though, and is sometimes fun. (sometimes :)

      The Buddha simply seemed a lot more interesting than an egg – which I had read about using to learn light.

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