A Blur of Movement

This was taken in a Taipei MRT station which I honestly forget in terms of the location.  I took it at f/8 on the 35mm with an ISO of 200 and a shutter speed as quick as 0.6 of a second.  While that’s not an extremely fast shutter speed, it shows that it wasn’t hanging open long – and the movement certainly shows in this image, especially with the train on the right.

I processed this in Aperture 3 as normal, trying to focus on the contrasts of the peoples’ shadows and the white background.


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5 responses to “A Blur of Movement

  1. Fred Reddy

    Nice. Looks like Gongguan MRT station. I’ve wanted to do a shot like this for a while. The first thing I noticed was the combination of color saturation and contrast. The blacks are really strong, but not overpowering. I feel like there’s not much detail lost here.

    Also, I’m guessing you shot this handheld. Good job!

    • Yes! It is Gongguan – I was visiting the neighborhood around NTU that day, so this makes perfect sense.

      I sort of did it handheld – I actually held the camera against a railing near the escalator (you can see the escalators/blur of movement on the far right) where I managed to get a good vantage point. It would be interesting to have had a tripod and a longer exposure, but I wanted to get multiple images from this.


    • …and my girlfriend pointed out how obvious/easy to see the station name is in the enlarged photo :)

  2. nice capture of motion. :)

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