365 Project Progress (March 4-9)

And again, the progress from my 365 project, dates including March 4-9.  I missed another day (3/10), but this will still be a “365 Project” as I plan to have 365 photos – even if they’re not during consecutive days.

The photo from March 6th, the Buddha plaques, is the first photo here.

Starting off is 3/9 – near the claw games near my home. I wonder if he got anything? These things are addictive once you get your first cool toy/useless item. They seem to eat my 10NT coins. When you go for the loot, they play this ridiculous techno-style music.

Running out of ideas puts you in an abstract mood, too… (3/8)

…followed by the character from Vieshow entertainment. This guy shows up at the beginning of the movies here to tell you to turn off your cell phone (I think his phone gets eaten by a monster?) and go buy food. The best part? You can get him when you buy a large drink – he’s just kind of standing on top of the cup. I was amused. I took this while practicing more with the SB-600 off-camera after setting up a “mini studio” with some A4 paper in my apartment. (Date: 3/7)

…and a street scene on 3/5:

I’d also like to take the time to mention that my link has changed for my portfolio. I’m currently testing out Carbonmade’s free offerings. It was all about the unicorn-head girl and mythical monsters that roped me in – or perhaps their awesome portfolio platform. Check mine out at http://jfahler.carbonmade.com

Have a great weekend!

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