A (Cold) Day at the Zoo

I’m sick of this weather. Taiwan has had record-cold temperatures this winter and it’s supposed to end soon, and I’m looking forward to it and hoping its sooner than later. These monkeys – crab-eating macaques – were more annoyed than I was, apparently as they huddled up for warmth.

Photos taken at Hsinchu City Zoo. See the post that made “Freshly Pressed” for more from this zoo.


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5 responses to “A (Cold) Day at the Zoo

  1. I’m sick of the weather, too. Taipei is probably worse than Hsinchu. Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm sunny day and then again one full week of cold rainy gloomy weather. I can relate to the monkeys very well.

  2. Great photos – it is neat how the monkeys are grouped so tightly, like they were posing for you!

    • Thanks!

      Yes – the monkeys were almost posing in the direction they turned. I’m guessing it’s a way to score free food from the people who shouldn’t be feeding the :)

  3. the weather is finally warmer :]

    great shot of the monkeys!

  4. These are really nice shots, so vivid!

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