School Murals

These were taken outside a Hsinchu City school last weekend. These murals are common in Taiwan and I have to say the kids have some real talent being able to create these.


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5 responses to “School Murals

    • I thought so. You’ll see this at most schools in Taiwan. I like the schools in rural areas as they’ll usually have Taiwanese aboriginal artwork as well.

  1. guy

    Is there a translation for the text portions?

    • Good question – I could ask Yuling to do that for me and paraphrase it quickly. The only thing I recognize is the bottom traditional-style scene having a double-luck symbol in the top left.

    • The first is a poem about a kid fishing with a messy face – he sits on a stone covered in moss and ignores a man who calls him because he is busy fishing.

      The second talks of a beautiful spring day, and the final (fourth) shows a woman who recently got married (see the double good luck symbol in the top left – “囍” or xi) and is asking her sister to taste the first meal she has cooked.

      We’re not sure – but we guess that the students wrote/created these poems themselves.

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