A Short Break from Concerts…

I’ve got a LOT of material to post from Spring Scream. Since I don’t want this to suddenly turn into a concert photography blog, I’ll hold off until next week.

These shots are from Fu-an Temple, a religious site we made a day trip to while visiting Kenting. The drive was somewhat long by scooter, but it was worth the wait. While we were visiting, a temple procession of gods visited the site.

These spirits – representing the “Eight Generals” are common in Taiwan. You’ll see them throughout this site and in many of these ceremonies.

This man was front-and-center during the ceremony, holding offerings to the visiting gods.

I understand why these road cones were here, but they do take away from the image. With that much gunpowder and fireworks going off, I’m glad they were set along the sides, though.

This joss chimney is apparently a pretty popular one in Taiwan – known for a special way that it burns ghost money. I’ll have to read again why exactly it’s special, but it was big nonetheless.

The temple was about 5 stories tall with some great views of the city in store for those who made it to the top. The stairs were not a big deal, but walking in the temple involves navigating a giant cloud of incense which only gets worse at the top.

This mobile altar has a god visiting the temple – a common occurrence in Taiwan.

…and finally a man cleaning up after the firecrackers.


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3 responses to “A Short Break from Concerts…

  1. guy

    Re the cones: photoshop to the rescue?

  2. Lovely.
    Was nice meeting you yesterday.

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