Festival at Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung

Part of the Mazu Pilgrimage, which I recently posted about, was an ongoing celebration at a Mazu temple in Taichung. This celebration was going on at the same time the pilgrimage made its way to Changhua just south of the city.

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung San Tai Zi 2

These gods represent Ne Zha San Tai Zi, or 莲花三太子. He is known as a trickster god, usually represented as a boy, and is seen as playful and mischievous.  You’ll see him even on Taiwanese television, as he has sort of melded into a pop culture symbol.

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung

These mobile altars were common through the day, as certain gods “visited” Mazu. The man on the left was dressed in traditional clothing and I’m regretting every time that I missed taking his portrait.

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung San Tai Zi 3

This man is pulling a San Tai Zi costume off the line, presumably to give the dancer a break. Later, I had a chance to get an image of the three costumes lined up as the dancers rested at the temple.

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung Gods Lined Up

Mazu Festival: Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung Offerings

Offerings are given to the temple gods. Notice the pile of burning “ghost money” on the ground at their feet.


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6 responses to “Festival at Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung

  1. I’m fascinated by how colorful everything is. The red and yellow are captured so well!

    Speaking of: do the red and yellow colors signify anything? The colors are everywhere, and it would seem that they have some sort of significance…

    • They definitely have a lot of significance. Red is almost always seen as a symbol of good fortune/luck (why many Chinese brides have red dresses) and yellow is the color of the earth – and often used in temples.

      It all connects to Taoist religion. Every color, number, and element has huge significance in Chinese culture.

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  4. NgSL

    WoW! I miss this. wanted to go Dajia during their 8-day Mazu procession, but ended up booking the wrong dates. Do you have any idea where there will be any celebration for the Mazu ‘birthday’ on the 农历 三月二十三日?Will it be on the day before or the exact date?

    • Sorry, I’m really out of the loop now and don’t know when this will occur again. I would guess that you can Google in Chinese for Dajia Mazu temple and find some dates for 2014! I’m sure it’s coming soon, actually.

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