A Statue Garden – of Chiang Kai Shek (and ONLY Chiang Kai Shek!)

Over the weekend, I visited a statue garden located at the mausoleum of the Republic of China’s president during the Civil War and the first president during what many will refer to as the “government in exile.”

For me, this site is proof that Taiwan is autonomous. Military police guard the tomb of Chiang Kai Shek regularly as visitors pay their respects to the site known as Cihu Mausoleum, or 慈湖陵寢.

Part of the property includes a museum and a statue garden including many statues of the same man. Apparently, it was required that all schools in Taiwan have the president’s statue until the DPP, or Democratic Progressive Party, came into power. When this rule was overturned, many statues were sent to this property. It gives the place kind of a surreal feeling. The same man – in many different statues…

CKS Mausoleum/Statue Garden 9

CKS Mausoleum/Statue Garden 4

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