Daily Life: The Jhubei Market

These are from yet another visit to Jhubei’s market on Saturday. I’m torn when I visit this place – it’s great with all of the activity, yet so hard to capture due to the huge crowds that visit this place. I end up having to stick with the same perspectives in most cases so I don’t end up getting pushed out of the way!

Oh well, the fact is that I had a productive weekend with photos for a change. More to come soon!



Left: A frying pan salesman shows off his wares. I forgot to account for movement, and he looks like an amputee due to a blurred hand. Whoops.

Right: Frying pans, everywhere. I used black and white because there was very little difference compared to the colored version.

I could’ve lined this shot up better. The man who just hopped off of it seemed super excited that I was taking his food cart’s photo – unfortunately, I was about to get run over by a scooter, so I couldn’t spend more time with the shot.

…a shot “from the hip.” I like this method as it doesn’t draw attention to me. Of course, I get really weird angles. F/8 is a must for this method.

This is one of two fruit store that compete with each other at the opening to the road for the market. Sometimes I wonder how and if this fruit is all sold…

You can see me in the reflection in the larger version.


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6 responses to “Daily Life: The Jhubei Market

  1. Amazing shots!markets are always full of interesting objects to capture in a camera!

  2. I really enjoy the market shots … they’re so interesting and lively! I wish we had places like that here in the states.

  3. your photos of street life are really fantastic! here in the Philippines, markets aren’t really that colorful, plus people stare uncomfortably at anyone who wields a camera. i guess they aren’t used to photographers…

    • The staring happens here, too – you just need to let them get comfortable and ignore it. On top of that, people stare at me because I’m obviously a foreigner :)

  4. haha well i guess you being a foreigner makes all the difference! An Australian photographer i talked to once told me that it’s easier for them to get photos of locals because people tend to approach them less. Plus everyone knows that foreigners always have to take pictures^_^ whereas, i am easier to get shouted at ’cause i’m native and i speak the language. Geez! ;)

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