Around Hsinchu

This set was also taken last Saturday, along with yesterday’s post.

I’ve decided to post every day this week due to the sheer volume of images from last weekend.

Hsinchu Streets, 37

First off is a small hip hop dance competition. As I’ve said before, these are extremely popular events with young people in Hsinchu and there have been bigger contests – see one here.

A scooter zips through the roundabout in downtown Hsinchu.

This is the first street in Hsinchu, appropriately nicknamed “old dark street.” It is located near the main city god temple and is a good shortcut to get away from the city traffic.


Left: Three vacant seats at the Guan Gong Temple in Hsinchu. I often see young people sitting here who are waiting for their parents to finish temple business or pray.

Right: Through a street adjacent to the Guan Gong Temple. This includes Chinese herbalists and doctors, restaurants, and a barbershop.

A man in a park near the main temple. This park is usually full of elderly people playing chess, mah-jong, or poker. This guy smiled at me and when I asked if he could take his picture he said yes… then went back to what he was doing.

Inside the City God Temple, a man covers ceremonial balancing tools with ash. I was unsure of the significance of the ash or ghost money he is holding, but found it to be pretty fascinating.

A Gundam-style robot with wings sits in a shop in Hsinchu. I’m not familiar with these, but toy shops which carry these are pretty popular.


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3 responses to “Around Hsinchu

  1. Love the colors and angles of your photos. And I’m glad dance offs aren’t popular in my age group!

  2. Wow, a Gundam!^_^ that’s the Wing Zero if i’m not mistaken. Very handsome;)

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