The Monkeys of Songboling

These semi-wild monkeys live near Songboling, a popular hiking trail and home of a large temple complex near Changhua and Nantou. I call them “semi-wild” because these monkeys, Formosan Rock Macaques, were released purposefully to the area and live on their own. The species is endemic to Taiwan and the government is trying to increase their population in the area.

Unfortunately, people do feed them, and they will bug you for food on the trail. However, it was nice to get some monkeys outside of a zoo for a change as I broke out the 70-300mm and SB-600 for some more wild shots than before.

Songboling Macaques, 4

Notice the sign above. These bilingual notices let people know about the potential risk of infection from viruses. Most tourists did keep away from them – some people just HAD to try to touch them. Ugh.


I was very happy with the detail in this shot – a little different from the rest.

I really enjoyed the challenge of getting the monkeys that were deeper into the woods. I unfortunately didn’t get any in the air, but wouldn’t mind spending more time trying to get one of those shots.


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9 responses to “The Monkeys of Songboling

  1. Lulu

    nice shots!!
    in Bali, in Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the monkeys are sometimes so fierce, and won’t let you go until you give them something to eat. The key is “DO not make eye-contact with them”

    • Thanks! I’ve seen video footage of this in the Caribbean. There are monkeys that were brought from Africa that actually steal alcoholic drinks from beachgoers and get drunk!

  2. Lulu

    And for some unclear reason, I love Monkeys hehehe

  3. Great shots! Such beautiful creatures :D

  4. Excellent! I especially love the 3rd shot!

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