Soutian Temple, Songboling

This post includes more shots from Songboling, this time at Shoutian Temple (受天宮).

These temple parades are becoming quite common on my blog, but I love them for their energy, unpredictable nature, and for the amount of culture that is wrapped up in just a few short hours. As usual, this one included old and young, male and female. I’m not sure if it was a special occasion, but it seemed as if everybody had huge amounts of energy and dedication.

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 34

A man takes off a costume after a dance in front of the temple. The costume involved two parts – front and rear – that both danced in sync.

This truck was full of musicians – this man is banging on a gong while another hits on drums and a third plays the suona.

This branch symbolizes the beginning of most parades and acts as a way to symbolize the coming of the gods.

The beginning of the temple parade before it ended up heading out into the market. Notice the walking gods in the back – I didn’t get a chance to get them up close.

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  1. Great shots Josh. I can hear the loud noisy music and fire crackers from looking at the photos. These brought back memories for me especially of the man hitting himself with the spike sword. Images of men with bloody backs from my childhood came flooding back.

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