More From Around Songboling

Here are some more shots from my recent trip to Songboling, a beautiful temple complex on the top of a mountain in the Changhua-Nantou region of central Taiwan. The temple included a large market, though we were kind of irritated that there was no restaurant. The good news was that there was plenty of food – and I didn’t end up hungry.

The area  is known for tea farming, so these large bins of tea for sale in large quantities were not a surprise:

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 23

This temple ceiling was intricate – I wish I would have spent more time trying to capture it. Keep in mind that this wasn’t even the ceiling in the main part of the temple – there is no detail spared in creating these structures.

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 40

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 35


Left: A vendor’s pineapples for sale. Right: Man in a lion suit.

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 27

Above you see the front of the truck that held the musicians I showed yesterday. The loudspeakers make sure everyone in town knows the parade is coming through – though they’re probably not needed with the amount of fireworks accompanying the procession.

Shoutian Temple, Songboling, 18

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