Ershui (二水) Countryside

Ershui, or 二水 (literally “two water,” though I’m not sure exactly why) is home to the train station that takes in passengers headed to the Songboling Soutian Temple. The area is mostly farmland and rural countryside, giving a different flavor than the usually urban photos I take due to where I live.

Rice and tea are cultivated in the area, and the region has quite a bit of pork (and as a result, fertilizer) production.

Some people still live in the old Hakka-style houses in the area, and they provide a bit of timeless charm to the countryside.

…and to finish things off, an incense holder shaped like a fish! This is a bit out of context, but oh well…


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4 responses to “Ershui (二水) Countryside

  1. I have no idea what I’d actually do with it, but I totally want a pink fish incense holder!

    • I was actually thinking the same thing. Then again, if I could have half the cool stuff I see here, my apartment would be filled with way too much junk :D

  2. Awesome pics! I was in Ershuei few weeks ago and I saw a taoist parade. But this part I haven’t seen, I’ve only been to the area near the train station. Ershuei is really a lovely small town :) People are very friendly.

    • Thanks – I noticed the exact same thing about the friendliness of the people. One man helped us find our way to the park – in perfect English, which really surprised Yuling and I. It’s really worth venturing over to the national park – that’s where the monkeys are.

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