Random Images from the Weekend

These come from last weekend. I feel like I was on a “photo drought,” though I did get some decent images on Sunday and yesterday, Monday evening, after work.

The first one is a panning shot of a large truck from last night. I’ve found these to be a lot of fun, and took a few panning images on Sanmin Road just before dark.

Students were getting out of school about this time – or switching to their Buxiban after-school activities:

On Sunday, I happened across two construction sites. One is for a large apartment complex that is coming in. These sites are a regular part of the Jhubei landscape, along with many, many cranes on the city’s east side. In addition, there is some work being done on the old Hakka farm houses – which makes me happy that they’re preserving the older buildings as well. It creates a strange contrast, which I liked enough to try to capture. Maybe I’ll return with decent weather and HDR in mind next time.


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4 responses to “Random Images from the Weekend

  1. Love the last one :)

  2. your panning shots are cool! ^_^
    btw, why did you change your theme? just curious^_^

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