Jhubei and Ershui Streets

As you might notice – if you are reading the web version of this – I have a new layout! I decided to go with a larger-photo theme due to the fact that few people actually click on the links – and I don’t blame them. The last theme was a bit cluttered and dark, and I hope this brightens things up while still keeping the black background which works great for showing photos. If you have any thoughts, sound off in the comments!

I’m moving away from Oulipo at my own risk – I was getting free traffic from WordPress since they thought I did a good job with it – so that kept me from moving away.  Anyway, I’m glad I chose this full-frame – it reminds me of the Big Picture by the Boston Globe – a big force in getting me into photography.

My only fear now is page-load time. I know that I’ll not load up a webpage if it’s taking too long. I will be experimenting with different ways to handle this, so I apologize for any craziness in the next week.

Anyway, on to some street scenes from Jhubei and Ershui. This is a mix between the last two weekends.

At the corner of Guangming 6th, Jhubei.

Ershui train tracks.

Taiwan pijou – or beer, Ershui.

Taoist mirror – meant to reflect away evil spirits, Ershui.

Socks! This is a reason I like the larger layout – this would make a lot less sense with a smaller image.

An address box, Jhubei. These are very common – basically telling where you are in terms of the street number and city.

Temple relief at a Jhubei temple.


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9 responses to “Jhubei and Ershui Streets

  1. Very nice shots Josh. Love the colour and the culture. Well done!

  2. I really like the new layout, and the larger photos. It works really well! Your photos contain so much color and detail that they deserve to be seen in a larger format!

    (Of course, I had to go back and look at the pink fish incense holder, and it’s much more impressive in a large photo! I may have to come to Taiwan just so I can find one!)

    • Thanks – I was thinking that the large format works. I just hope it doesn’t take too long to load, though I think I might have a solution for that…

  3. I just discovered your blog, and wow, your pictures are amazing!

  4. The new layout does feel more spacious, and as I’ve always preferred dark backgrounds over bright ones, I’m glad you kept the black.

    Awesome shots as usual, especially the second one – I have an obsessive love of train tracks <3

  5. eloisa

    i like the new layout! :) hi Josh, i miss you bro! *mwahugs*

  6. Love the new layout and large photos. It makes your photos even more impressive than before. :)

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