Some More Random Images

Still digging through the archives. I hope this weekend’s weather is decent, so I can take more photos – unlike last Sunday.

Regardless, here are some random shots from the past year that I haven’t posted yet. Happy Thursday to all!

Cosplayers in Hsinchu, December 2010.

Jhubei Dragon Dance, December-ish, 2010.


Left: Anthell, Spring Scream 2011; Right: Anti-nuclear banners at a protest in Taipei.

Guardian Lions, Changhua.


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3 responses to “Some More Random Images

  1. I am always worried that these kids are damaging their eyes with these manga-like, colored contact lenses…

    • I have to admit that I really don’t understand the contact lenses… or any kind of eye-related paranoia/obsession in Asia. I know it’s a cultural issue that gets talked about a lot, but it’s kind of strange to a foreigner.

  2. Nice photo of the guitarist!! I really like this one :)

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