These images are both examples of repetition and neither have been posted here before. First off is a collection of red lanterns being picked up and stuffed into a “big blue truck” after Chinese New Year celebrations:

The next image includes some apartments in Taipei. Notice the air conditioners!

I wish this shot were more straight, but I was taking this from across the street and looking up. This is why you’ll get an awkward curved look.  Barrel distortion was less of an issue – I’m pretty sure I was using the 70-300 on this one.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this kind of view at eye-level – but I still liked how it turned out.


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5 responses to “Repetition

  1. Love these repetition photos

  2. The building shot is great the way it is, but you could always fix perspective distortion in Photoshop.

    • I honestly didn’t think to use photoshop on this and forgot about that feature. I’ll have to take some more pictures at weird angles to practice.

  3. I really love the shot of the building!

    It’s repetition, but at the same time, it’s not: different windows, fans, signs, etc. It’s one of those photos you can stare at for a long time, because there are so many things to see!

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