Food… and Drink

These are from a mix between Taipei and Jhubei this past weekend. I also shot a little at Yuling’s grandparents’ countryside home just north of Jhubei.

Above: a food stall in Taipei, near Zhongxiao Dunhua station.

…followed by some “expensive American beer.” It’s an import, really!

These sausages were hanging out near a political rally. Food vendors love crowds – you’ll see them swarm festivals, political rallies, and any other kind of get-together.

…and some of them will have some “chou doufu,” or “stinky tofu.” This stuff earns its name – it’s a fermented tofu on a stick that is quite pungent.  People in Taiwan compare it to a good cheese, but I have yet to figure out the similarity.

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday how much I miss Taiwanese food…your pictures are making me hungrier than I already am, especially the chou doufu :D

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