Accidental Poses

I was going through some of my older photos last night and came across these street shots taken in Ximending, Taipei. I came across these shots that I forgot about due to a lot of activity around the time they were taken. Ximending is a pretty trendy part of the city, known for its futuristic landscape and very, very young population. I ended up with two “accidental” poses – neither of these were taken with the person in the forefront in mind as a photo. I especially liked the first shot.

Maybe I should look at all of my photos more closely!


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4 responses to “Accidental Poses

  1. of course, the question to ask about the man in the first photo: is he, or isn’t he talking on a phone. Could he just be talking to his hand?

    And, the guy in the Casual Model pose in photo 2 is quite amusing in his own way. :-)

    • I was wondering the same thing about the first guy. As for the second, he looks like a gangster in some way – though I’m sure a real gangster would have much more protection. Either way, quite a cocky pose!

  2. ahhh….i remember doing some shopping around this area last time I was in taipei, it’ll be fun to visit it again this xmas

    • It’s always packed, and worth a visit. I personally prefer the Zhongxiao Donghua area for fashion/style, but both neighborhoods are definitely worth checking out.

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