Friday Photo Dump

This weekend is full of a bit of excitement – Yuling and I are getting wedding photos done, so I’ll be on the OTHER end of a camera all day tomorrow. I hope the weather allows us to do this tomorrow and get it completely done, otherwise it might be split into two days of shooting.

These are from the past few weeks – kind of a random set of images. I really hope to find some event to capture soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting some photos ready for printing, so I’ve been tweaking the colorspaces of some of my older photos – hopefully I’ll have an update on how this all turned out soon.

Starting off today is a school on a corner in Jhubei:

…followed by one of the dogs on the farm in Hsinwu.


Above left: a skateboarder in Taipei. The high noise is due to nasty indoor lighting – since it’s a skateboarder, I guess it’s excused? Right: political rally participants in Jhubei cheering on a KMT legislative nominee.

The ever-clean and efficient Taipei subway. New Yorkers like the character of their subway, and as someone who lived near NYC and worked in Manhattan, I understand. At the same time, it is nice to have this clean of a train system.

…and a random snoopy sticker to finish the week off. Happy Friday!


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6 responses to “Friday Photo Dump

  1. What are you using to calibrate your monitor for color space tweaking?

    • Honestly, I’ve only used the native OSX app and have a colorspace profile that matches the printer that I’ll be using. I realize I’m getting ready for some trial/error – I’m only using a laptop monitor until I can justify buying a nice, big one for postprocessing (read: after I get married)…

  2. Sympathies man… about being on the OTHER side of the camera. I don’t know about you, but I really, really, really hate having my photo taken.

    Though, I do hope you post one or two so we can see the face of the guy who takes all the great shots on this blog.

    Love the Snoopy shot!

  3. The dog is so cute.

    >Right: political rally participants in Jhubei cheering on a KMT legislative nominee.

    Weird… One of the slogans reads “I love you, Mum”?!?

    • Ah, that’s not a slogan for a campaign. I forgot to mention that it was actually Mother’s Day when this was taking place and the female candidate was using the day for a political rally. It mixed into a Mother’s Day celebration.

      Her opponent hosted a giant concert that praised the KMT on the other side of town. Interestingly, she won the nomination.

      Thanks for spotting that! I had to search for it on the sign to find “我愛您.”

  4. Wow. You really have wonderful shots here. I love them all. :)

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