Chinese Opera, Jhubei

These are from a Chinese Opera that took place in Jhubei last Saturday. The production quality was pretty impressive – I could tell that it was a larger touring company, rather than the local style that you’ll often see at temples. I was able to get some nice shots with the 70-300 after metering and locking the exposure in on Manual. I then went in and brightened the images and touched up some contrast and color levels.

The story tells of a family – two daughters are being set for marriage and the parents decide to switch suitors. It involved fight scenes, family issues, love, and the other “normal” themes for Chinese drama. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the story.



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8 responses to “Chinese Opera, Jhubei

  1. Karen

    I can get you the flier for the performance. ^^

  2. Mike

    They are great Josh!!

  3. Such rich facial expressions!

  4. I really like these Joshua!

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