Scenes from Pingxi

Something a bit different today from the urban craziness I usually like photographing. This is Pingxi, home to the Lantern Festival I visited last February with family.


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5 responses to “Scenes from Pingxi

  1. I like the 3rd shot most, because of all the bright colors. They are some sort of flower/wreath arrangement to place on…? what?? To my untutored eye, the symbol is the same in the center, but the writing on each one is different…a prayer or blessing, maybe? or just a slogan?

    • Thanks – the third shot is actually an offering of Taiwan Beer – probably in relation to a funeral. I’ll have to ask what the saying on the sides includes and get back to you…

  2. Yup, the top character (not sure the pronunciation, maybe ‘zheng’) is always seen at funerals. The strip on the left indicates who is giving the gift and the characters on the right strip states the name of the deceased and respect to the dead.

    One can only guess she was a bit of a drinker.

    • Thanks for clearing that up! Taiwanese funerals fascinate me in their mix of solemnity and casual nature (well, depending on where you are, of course)…

      • She was a bit of a drinker, huh? Sounds like it could have been a fun funeral.

        Thanks for the info… always nice to understand what something means.

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