Tian Tan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

This image is from nearly a year ago. As I’m hoping to get out of Taiwan for a few weeks this summer, I’ll have another post outside of Taiwan coming up in the near future, I hope. I’m looking at flying to Thailand in July. I would LOVE to do a Thailand-Cambodia trip, but a mix between Yuling’s preferences and the amount of time we have might constrict us. Oh, and I might be stopping in the Philippines, so I’ll wave hello to Odee!

Anyway, I was thinking about my photography when looking at this shot. It was taken with my then newly-purchased 70-300mm VR. This has been a great lens for me and got me into some bird/wildlife photography and gave me a closer look at shows. Unfortunately, the aperture is f/4.5-5.6, but it works fine for daylight shooting.

I like the image in that it’s pretty simple. The Buddha is a “giant” Buddha (see more images here) and is a massive sight to behold – yet quite touristy.

With that said, I was looking at what could’ve been done better. Processing sticks out as an issue. My shadows have little contrast and the top of the head is blown out by the sun. The sky gives an awkward range of colors and there could be more detail in the bronze of the statue.

On top of that, a giant shadow covers the face. While I can’t reshoot, it’s good to keep in mind for next time.

Perhaps I’ll retry the RAW file. It’s always good to breath new life into old photos.


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5 responses to “Tian Tan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

  1. did you head to the temple ground for some vegan dishes when you visited the budhha?

  2. it’s quite yummy, you should try it. Have you visited the Chi Lin Nunnery? I would recommend you pay it a visit, very pretty and in the center of town (diamon hill mtr station), and there is a restaurant there that serves vegan food, very famous and delicious.

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