Dragon Boat Festival, Hsinchu (龍船節)

Yesterday marked the annual Dragon Boat Festival in the world of Chinese culture. It is celebrated through racing dragon boats – large oar-powered boats with dragon heads. The races resemble that of a Western regatta, with teams competing throughout the day.

These races were held at Nanliao, Hsinchu.

The above boat was towing boats back to the starting point after the race. It would let them go nearby, and the crew of each boat would have to ease it in so they could disembark and let the next team board.


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64 responses to “Dragon Boat Festival, Hsinchu (龍船節)

  1. Mike

    Very Very Good!

  2. Looks absolutely amazing — and spectacular weather!

    Great post,


  3. Wow so colorful and vivid. Great action shots!

  4. wohoo! looks like fun during a hot hot day! Yea! I’m one of the 1st to comment in your hundreds to comments to home, wohoo

  5. It’s like being there. The pictures are sequenced in such a way that you feel that you are part of the race and adventure. congrats.

    • Thanks! I was hoping for something like this. It’s hard to tell a story if you can’t get closer in to the action – unfortunately, I was limited with the angles of my shots.

  6. I didn’t know such a festival existed. Thanks for sharing. It’s so bright and colorful there, I wish my town was more like that.

  7. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. Great images.

  8. Very colorful photos, great shots!
    Congrats on being FP!

  9. Very Colourful. Congrats! :)

  10. Great pictures! That must have been exciting to watch.

  11. Heather

    Beautiful dragon boat. Much more detailed than anything I’ve ever seen at the Lake Superior Dragon boat festival.

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  13. The weather looks absolutely beautiful. I would love to be able to see this festival in person. Congrats on being FP!

  14. Great photos! I love the contrast between those muscle-y men in purple bandanas, and the bespectacled young men in the other boat, haha. I’m so excited to live in Taiwan next year, and maybe have the chance to relive my high school rowing days.

    • I noticed that too – it was part of a team. I think another Japanese team had red bandannas. Where will you be in Taiwan? These are pretty easy to enter into – there were quite a few teams with foreigners.

  15. جزاكم الله خيرا

  16. Great photos! Some of those guys look awfully intense. ;D

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  18. Great pictures! This is like our annual river race (rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge) except of course these guys have much cooler boats…. :o)

  19. These pictures are great! I participated in this in Texas! I had a lot of fun doing it!

  20. fabulous pictures. thanks so much – totally enjoyed it!

  21. Nice pictures, brilliant color! You really capture the moment and movement!

  22. This post and these photos are absolutely beautiful.

  23. albeindc

    awesome. TW represent!

  24. this festival is a Chinese traditional festival in memory of Qu Yuan, a people in ancient China. there are many other traditions during this festival except the dragon boat race.

    your picture is so wonderful. i am glad that you like our Chinese traditional festival. Good luck!

  25. ok ,i make a mistake. you are Chinese…hahahhah. i feel embarressed.

    • I’m actually not Chinese – thanks for the info! I’m an American… my parents come from families who are are German, Irish, and Italian. I am engaged to a Taiwanese woman, though.

  26. Great photos! Picked by Freshly Pressed. Awesome!!! :p

  27. You’ve captured the event beautifully!

  28. I really enjoyed the 3rd picture action with the water spray details. Beautiful pictures! Looks like an enjoyable time! Congrats on being freshly pressed

  29. Great shots. We got to see the Okinawa Dragon Boat races last year, it was amazing! The only difference is the boat designs! I love the heads of the dragons. You captured the essence of the event.

  30. Thanks a lot for sharing. Great pictures!

  31. As always, great snaps! :) Keep on sharing more of Taiwan’s events, culture and people.

  32. so glad you’ve been there.
    i didn’t go,be couse the very bad bad trafic.

  33. great photostory…!!! keep it up.

  34. amazing pictures, well done!

  35. chinasinoy obd2 tool

    yes, it is great and it is meanful for chinese

  36. africasiaeuro

    I attended the Dragon boat festival in Taiwan back in 1978. Traditions run deep, this annual event seems to have lost nothing of its glory. The historical moment is more vivid when going back in time reading about the root of Dragon boat racing which originated in Hunan . Thanks for sharing | Shaolin Fan page Group – Facebook | – http://is.gd/kfRPmD

  37. Great Photography!!! I’ve been wanting to go somewhere that has these type of events, but my funds won’t let me at this time. great shots!

  38. GirlS

    Yippee! 端午節! I live in Taiwan, but I’ve never been to a dragon boat race. I tend to stay home and eat rice dumplings where it’s cooler.

  39. amazing pics. Great clarity. What camera are you using

    • I usually shoot with a Nikon D5000, although I’ve been making use out of a P7000 point and shoot lately. I shot these with a 70-300mm lens.

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  41. you take the pic is so clear and it very awesome. I believe this sport can be Olmpic event too in future. As China is emerging economy so I don’t think have problem with that. where is the event took place? Taipei or Koahsiong?


  42. Amazing pictures! I went to a dragon boat race in Hong Kong a few days ago.

  43. skippersguide

    Really great images and the colour comes across very well.

  44. Wow! I want to see this in person one day.

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