Scenes from the Taipei Zoo

Before I start, I’d like to say thanks to the fine folks at WordPress for featuring my blog as “Freshly Pressed.” This is the second time this has happened, and the traffic spike is always fun. Welcome to the site if this is your first visit! Check out the About Me page if you are wondering what this is all about and take a look at some video slideshows for some previews of my work. I’ve also got some links to other pages, like my Twitter and a portfolio as well.

These shots are from the Taipei Zoo last weekend – Yuling and I visited on Sunday as we decided to spend the day trying out some new things in the city. The admission for this extremely well-kept zoo (the best in Taiwan) is only $60 NTD, or about $2 USD. I was able to pay with my metro card to make it even easier. Like most large zoos, this one does include some programs for conservation and education – unlike the much smaller Hsinchu Zoo.



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7 responses to “Scenes from the Taipei Zoo

  1. As always, great photos!

    And congrats on being a Featured Blog again! I just happened across the Featured post, and was thinking: “Gee, that photo looks really familiar.” :-)

  2. theweatherintaiwan

    Yep, congrats. I decided to visit next time I’m in the big city (the zoo I mean, not you).

  3. theweatherintaiwan

    Hey, after checking out your pictures, i see you saw (or have) one of those wooden temple cabinets used to keep prayer requests in. I’ve been after one of those for years. Where did you see it? It doesn’t appear to be in a temple.

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