Coming Soon: “Scooters and Stinky Tofu”

One of the fascinating things about digital photography is how people who take pictures of any sort rarely actually see them.

When I say “see” them, I mean see an actual, physical copy. On one hand, this is great as I don’t have to worry about pictures disappearing through a move or being destroyed. I can show people around the world what is going on here in Taiwan very, very easily. I don’t have to buy film or get it developed. Regardless, it’s really, really great to see a photograph in printed form. Something about seeing the “published” version makes this hobby and all of the money spent on equipment worth it.

With that in mind, I decided to try out a service by Blurb, a print-on-demand company that allows photographers and other creatives to make books. If I am happy with the final copy, and I will make a post regarding what I think about it, I will be selling this book through this website and at

The book, Scooters and Stinky Tofu, will be based on my first year living in Taiwan and is mostly aimed at my friends and family who have supported me from halfway around the globe. I will be posting more in the next few days including shipping, pricing, and ordering information. Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Coming Soon: “Scooters and Stinky Tofu”

  1. Awesome, sign me up, I’ll buy one.

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