More from Hong Kong, Summer 2010

As Yuling and I gear up to head to Cambodia and Thailand, I’ve decided to organize a section of images on this site that take place outside of Taiwan. The “Josh in Hong Kong” section above will soon be changing to a more general title and will link to our coming adventures in southeast Asia.

With this decision, I decided to go back and reprocess some of the images that I had from the last trip to HK. Starting off is another look at the famous Hong Kong skyline, seen originally in many images in this post. Saving RAW files is a lifesaver when it comes to making progress with my postprocessing. I’m very happy that I’ve got nearly every shot I’ve taken backed upon on an external hard drive.

Next off is a second attempt at the famous Tian Tan Giant Buddha. I took many images of this statue while visiting the first time and also followed up with a second post not too long ago. I prefer this version over the others as it uses contrast and color a bit better than my attempts beforehand.

The rest of the images are some leftover from the streets – the first two from Central District and the last from near Tsim Tsa Tshui, Kowloon.



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2 responses to “More from Hong Kong, Summer 2010

  1. I love your black and white photos, especially the one with the bus. I can never seem to get my black and whites to pop like these.

    • Thanks! I usually take the “help” of a favorite filter and then edit it to my liking. I found a collection of Aperture 3 filters with one called “1960’s LIFE magazine” that has a very film-like quality to the look.

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