Around Taipei

These were all taken in the past YEAR, as I’m digging through my hard drive looking for images that haven’t been processed. All are from Taipei, and were processed in the past two days.


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3 responses to “Around Taipei

  1. smogprod

    Beautiful images! I am impressed by the level of professionalism, the clean layout, and by the element of drama I see in each photo

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll look forward to seeing some panos on your blog – if I’m not mistaken, that’s what you focus on, right?

      • smogprod

        It is indeed what I focus on! Unfortunately all of the passion that I have for panos is negated by my severe lack of tech savvy! I don’t know how to post them!! hahaha. Although I have been doing them for several years, I have never put them online except for this one.
        you will be the first to know when I finally figure it out : )

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