Jhubei Morning Market

While Taiwan doesn’t have a lack of things to photograph, sometimes I find myself getting bored with some of the same day-to-day street subjects and fear that I might get stale if I’m not searching at least one day a week for shots. Whenever I find myself nearing a funk, the Jhubei morning market on the north side of town rarely disappoints. These are from last weekend.

Don’t expect any posts for the somewhat distant future as I’m going on vacation starting Saturday! We’ll be leaving for Phnomh Penh, Cambodia and will travel to Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat. We will be there for about 4 days.  We will then get into a taxi or bus and head to Bangkok, Thailand for another few days before going to the beaches.  Yuling and I are both very excited.



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5 responses to “Jhubei Morning Market

  1. A taxi from Phnom Penh to Bangkok? It’d be cheaper to fly.

  2. Tes

    Oh this sounds like an exciting trip ahead. I can’t wait to see the shot for Angkor Wat :) Taking bus from Siem Reab to BKK is really a fantastic idea. You will get to see the countrysides and visit forest markets. They’re beautiful this time of the years.

  3. ahhh, the good ol’ wet market, every asian city seems to have it. I rarely go into a wet market, but the fresh goods and banter between customers and vendors keep the camaraderie of each neighbourhood. Duno if I’m getting older or what, but I kind of like wet markets nowadays, it is so different and such a vital part of asian communities

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