A Tuk-Tuk Drive in Bangkok

While visiting southeast Asia, you’ll inevitably see tuk-tuks, or small taxis that resemble a mix between a scooter and a covered back. Some are combined so the driver is covered in the front as well and others just involve what amounts to a motorcycle pulling a trailer.

In Bangkok, while ordinary people use these regularly, tuk-tuk drivers do prey on innocent tourists, and it’s best to stay away from these in favor of metered taxis so you don’t get ripped off. However, if you can get a ride for, say 50 baht (about USD $1.65) they work well for short distances in crowded streets. Of course, we didn’t get this price until we asked not one, but two tuk-tuk drivers… the first wanted 100 baht.

Anyway, these shots are from that tuk-tuk ride. Since it is extremely hard to take shots out of a moving tuk-tuk even if I go into shutter-priority mode and bump my ISO up a little, I took a shot whenever our driver stopped, which was quite often because of the traffic. This was taking place near the markets along the Chao Phraya that are in walking distance from the Royal Palace and Wat Pho.


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3 responses to “A Tuk-Tuk Drive in Bangkok

  1. have to be careful even with cabs in bangkok, often the driver purposely refuse to put the meter up or take long routes when they know you’re a tourists. I am very disappointed and frustrated being ripped off constantly in thailand

  2. Rachel D

    Thanks for the awesome pics of Bangkok! Our daughter was born in Bangkok & adopted in 2006, looking through your pics the sounds & smells of the streets & market return to memory just like I was right there again. Thank you for a great memory of our daughter joining our family and her heritage & the beautiful country that shared her with us! Same with your Cambodia trip! Our youngest daughter was born in Kep down on the coast, go if you can it’s awesome too!

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