Bangkok Erawan Shrine

Bangkok’s Erawan shrine, located at a hotel that shares its namesake, is dedicated to Phra Phrom, known in Indian culture as the Hindu creation god Brahma. Since Thai Buddhism is very much connected to India, this shrine provides an interesting look at Thai religion as it sits amidst a shopping district. It is one of the most popular shrines in Bangkok, even though shrines like this are not uncommon in the city.

I shot these with the P7000 as I decided a day with the P7000 on RAW would be good for my back, which was aching as this was near the end of the trip.

A wide angle shot from the skytrain.


Left: a flower vendor. You can use these flowers to lay at the shrine. Also common are lottery ticket vendors, as I see very often in Taiwan.

These dancers were probably hired by a wealthy benefactor. In addition to laying flowers and incense at the statue, you can get performances to show your devotion.



Left: the four-faced Brahma. Right: adherents paying respects at the front of the altar.

The statue above is not the Erawan shrine, but is nearby. It is a representation of the Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesh. This located in front of the famous Central World shopping mall.

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