Single Shot: Fabric Market, Bangkok

This fabric market, which I believe is known as Pratunam Market, is located near Central World and offers a huge amount of clothing on the streets for tourists as well as wholesale fabric and tailors ready to create clothing.

I came across this man while carrying the P7000. I smiled, pointed at the camera, and asked him with the universal “is this OK?” look. After he nodded yes, I took the shot.

I had set the ISO to Auto-400, which is a nice feature for the camera as it will auto select an ISO in the 100-400 range. The VR and the camera’s small size helped as I had a slow shutter speed of 1/30 at f/2.8 – looking back, I should’ve had it dialed on my own, faster shutter speed. Regardless, I was happy how it turned out as the photo has some context even if he could be a little closer.

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One response to “Single Shot: Fabric Market, Bangkok

  1. Eric

    Another good photo. This one has nice depth.

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