More from Ghost Month/Yimin Festival

These shots are from the past few weeks during Ghost Month and Yimin Festival. Ghost Month recently ended (and yes, I think I got the date right this time!) which usually signifies the beginning of the school year and the end of summer. While I don’t look forward to the weather changing, I’m excited about starting a new year.

These cards are used for divination or fortune-telling. You roll a certain number, match it with the card, and see what the gods have to tell you. Found at Yimin Temple.


Above left: an altar for ghosts at a Jhubei restaurant. Above right: a scooter drives pass a burning of “ghost money,” meant to be given to the ancestors.

Above: these guys were lighting fireworks out the back of a truck – unfortunately, I only got the end of it with the camera.


Above: a San Tai Zi (三太子) god with what look like “Mickey Mouse” gloves.


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2 responses to “More from Ghost Month/Yimin Festival

  1. Oooh! I LOVE the first, second and last photo! Your close-ups are amazing!

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