More Street Food

These are a mix of street food shots from Hsinchu and Jiufen, taken within the past few weeks.

Ba-wan, or Rouyuan – spelled in Chinese as 肉圓 – is a pork meatball popular in Hsinchu. Very tasty, it’s served with a sweet spicy sauce that really makes the dish.

Chou Doufu, or 臭豆腐 – known by its literal English translation as “stinky tofu” certainly lives up to its name. It’s hugely popular in Taiwan – an unfortunate fact if your nose is too sensitive. The taste isn’t nearly as bad – it certainly has a cheesy quality that westerners aren’t used to when it comes to tofu.

Sea-snails – I think the Chinese for this is luo or 螺. Please correct me if I’m wrong! They had a fishy taste to them and weren’t bad with some red tarter sauce.


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