Temples of Lukang

Lukang, or 鹿港, literally means “deer harbor.” It’s a small town just west of Changhua City (彰化市) which was once known for the trade of deer furs and other trade goods, being situated at a point in Taiwan very close to the Chinese mainland. At one point, it was the second-largest city in Taiwan, just after Tainan.

One of the city’s features is an “old town” consisting of brick buildings dating from hundreds of years ago. Mixed into this are countless temples which have seen new life as Taiwanese tourists visit the city.

These are assorted shots from those temples – the biggest being Mazu and Longshan Temples.






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6 responses to “Temples of Lukang

  1. Thanks. This is really great. I have never heard of any of these places but that is real cool too because that just shows what a great big giant world this is. The pictures are absolutely great. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

  2. Very nice~ I’ve been to both temples and the details are endlessly fascinating!

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